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Legion of Mary is a world-wide lay apostolate in which Catholic men and women sanctify themselves through prayer and spiritual works in union with Our Lady under the guidance of the pastor of the particular parish.

Fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ: Our Blessed Mother wants active and auxiliary members to join Her Legion. Assist in waging war against the enemy by winning souls for the Crucified Christ!! Join a nearly 100 year old lay apostolate movement founded on a profound devotion to Our Lady. Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception praesidium meets Tuesdays at 10AM in the Brother Leo Room. Contact Mark Myers at 704-614-6778 or psalm100mjm@yahoo.com. Note: We are having a membership drive the weekend of August 12 & 13 with an information table in the back of Church after each of the Masses.

The purpose of Legion of Mary is 3-fold:

  1. To enable its members to become better Catholics and to mobilize the Catholic laity
  2. To raise the Spiritual level of the entire community through direct contact with and interest in every member and potential member of the Mystical Body of Christ
  3. To accomplish this through Mary, Mother of Souls and Mediatrix of all Grace

Address delivered by the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, to a group of Italian legionaries on 30th October 1982:

“Yours is an eminently Marian spirituality, not only because the Legion glories in carrying Mary‘s name as its unfurled banner, but above all because it bases its method of spirituality and apostolate on the dynamic principle of union with Mary, on the truth of the intimate participation of the Virgin Mary in the plan of salvation. In other words, you intend to render your service to every person, who is the image of Christ, with the spirit and the solicitude of Mary.”

There are 2 types of membership:

  1. Active members
  2. Auxiliary members           

Weekly meetings - Brother Leo Room in Aquinas Hall on Tuesdays between 10:00AM and 11:30AM


Mark Myers, at 704-948-8285 or 704-614-6778 (cell) or email: psalm100mjm@yahoo.com

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